Yesterday at the YellowKorner(YK) – Short Hills Mall (NJ), Altruistic Odyssey had a great time exploring that new possibility to partner and met some fantastic people including Daniel Pascheles who made the biggest donation for us aswell as Stephen an entrepreneur that was the first one to bid for the photo print by Matthieu Ricard that YK gave us.
It was fantastic to have David, our “official” photographer and newly appointed webmaster…(he flew back from San Francisco..on a red eye..) and Nawaraj, from the Nepali consulate who gave us a wonderful hand. We did not achieve (my) fundraising goal of $1000, in the same time we build a great connection with YellowKorner team and our team. What strikes me the most in the number of people that offer ways we can connect. One person bought Pasang’s book, Sherpa the Ultimate Mountaineer. Overall we had to be resilient and we were. I am so thankful to all the people that helped create it.
Justin, YK manager,  accepted to keep our silent auction for their print opened until the 29th…so may be my goal will be fulfilled…if you are in the area of the Short Hills Mall, drop by YK and visit Justin or Abbas his wonderful colleague.
So long! Pachi Bethaula!
Ed Antoine, President