Altruistic Odyssey, a U.S. 501c3 charity, and its affiliate organizations in France and Nepal exist to help indigineous Nepalese cultural communities to remain indigineous Nepalese cultural communities.  Especially since the 2015 earthquakes, many remote communities remain disrupted and in disrepair.  With few resources and little or no outside help, these communities may perish as people move elsewhere to get an education, access healthcare, or earn a living.

While urgent and life-saving steps may have been taken year ago, many communities still lack adequate schools, clinics, or even clean water.  Remote villages have special challenges as they can only be reached by foot (whether human, goat, or yak).  Imagine walking miles each day to attend school, access healthcare, or bring potable water to your home and family.

One step at a time, Altruistic Odyssey works to help these communities to regain control over their destinies.  We are project based and collaborative with other charities and local community leaders who are on the ground in Nepal.  We co-sponsor projects with local leadership who are committed to act and are limited only by insufficient funds for equipment, labor, or supplies.

On June 2, we will hike to raise funds for a health clinic and college in Sotang, a mountainous community about 40 miles south of Mt. Everest and 90 miles east of Kathmandu. In the US, we will particularly sponsor the college where we need to buy 12 desktops and 3 laptops.

PLEASE consider forming a team that sponsors you to be able to buy ONE $600 computer.

All hikes are appropriate for all ages and skill levels.  It’s a great opportunity to be in nature, get some good exercise. be with family and friends, and make new friends.  Refresh your mind and spirit (a common Nepali expression).

So please join one of our hikes on June 2 and make a positive difference for yourself and others, one step at a time.


Bear Mountain State Park New York – USA

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Sugarloaf Mountain Dickerson Maryland – USA

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Shivapuri National Park Kathmandu – Nepal

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Morvan Regional Park Bourgogne – France