The Nepali government has approved the Shechen School’s request to upgrade its classes to include Class 7. This is good news as it helps us to progress toward the goal of expanding through Class 12, the equivalent of a high school diploma.
The main obstacle we now face is lack of space; as we add more classes, we need more classroom and living space. The monastery compound is already overcrowded. Several solutions are in consideration, such as renting additional classrooms offsite and bussing the children to classes, buying land to build classrooms and/or a hostel, and rebuilding the dining room structure to accommodate classrooms.Monastic sacred arts (music, sacred dance or cham, and torma-making) are now being taught to students in Class 7, a further step in integrating monastic studies into the curriculum.Principal and kids Nepal 3Last year our principal, Jhabindra Kumar Subedi, created the Buddhist Monastic School Association. It meets regularly and is a forum for other schools, with similar integrated monastic and secular studies, to discuss issues and work with the government. The Shechen School is leading this initiative and recently hosted a successful inter-Buddhist school quiz.Please follow the activities of the school on Facebook where you can learn more about our activities

Donor News: In addition to funding the computer study lab, Altruistic Odyssey will create a new lending library for the school. If you would like to donate photo and picture books to the library, please let us know.

Donations to support the school or sponsor a young monk are always greatly appreciated and are paramount to keeping the school operating.