On this 2 year anniversary day of the Earthquake in Nepal, lets celebrate the work we did with our Nepali friends, and foremost, I am thinking of Pasang Sherpa and Puspa his wondeful wife and AO Board member, and thinking as well as of Ngima Sherpa, Pasang’s brother, and of their entire family in the Solokhumbu region (his parents,his Uncle Tenzing of course). Pasang’s conversation on Skype during an aftershock *and his leaving the house at that point *, is still vivid in my memory and part of what convinced me to continue the quest.Much love for my dear friend Kempo Phurten and Jhabindra Kumar Subedi, from the Shechen monastery School, and their families as well. Kempo has granted me lots of protection in the past 5 years to allow me to continue the work, and I am deeply grateful to him.
When Kempo toured the monastery with me last march, showing me the rebuilding of the main temple, he described exactly what happened that day, 2 years ago. More than 100 monks were assembled in the main temple when the rumble started and panic started to set in. Dilgo Kyetnse Yangsi Rimpoche asked them not to panic, and to trust things would be alright. Kempo shared with me the determination it took to continue to master one’s mind in order to keep peaceful inside while the shaking was going on. When he explained this last march, I could see in his eyes he was connected to this moment. Then they started to evacuate slowly.The main structure was totally unsafe and it took close to 2 years to rebuild. The school building were deemed safe.And of course, I am thinking of Binod Tamang’s story during that event as well, when his Dad told them to stay protected. I am thinking of Binod for his help with artistic contribution to AO in graphic design and his support of my professional quest – and supporting “our” apartment in Baluwatar. I am so grateful to feel part of his family as well. He truly helped me feel more of an insider in Nepal, showing me what life is like in a small remote village facing the beautiful Namo Buddha area, East of Kathmandu. Or how to truly celebrate Tihar,with Kempo’s help as well! I am deeply grateful for his friendship and all that he teaches me.
And I am thinking of all the Nepali people I have come to know and love dearly for their courage and what they teach us. In this western world consumed by so much consumption, we often forget what it means to touch and be touched by our deep profound humanity. They help us reclaim that part of us, and give new meaning to the world happiness.
Lets continue our Odyssey TOGETHER and make it even more altruistic!
Dehrai dehrai Maya!
Ed, AO President

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